Remember the legend of mobile games for AR: Mysterious Ingress and the Great Battle of Brno

Augmented reality mobile terrain games have often brought their users to someone else’s land or to the edge of a cliff, and some have lost their jobs because of them. Former officers Louis Lozano and Eric Mitchell of the Los Angeles Police Department know this. Because of their impudence, the whole world has now learned about them.

This is actually a relatively old case from April 2017, which is now reminded by Friday’s negative court (PDF) to which they appealed. What exactly was it then?

On April 15, 2017, around 6 pm, the operator received a report of a robbery in one of Macy’s stores. Lozan’s patrol was closest at the time, but the patrol did not respond, and more distant colleagues had to come to the scene to deal with a much more serious murder case.

Snorlax is on the corner of 46th and Leimert!

At 6:09 p.m., just minutes from the radio report, Lozano said in front of a colleague,forget it“No wonder Mitchell warned him that”on the corner of 46th and Leimert just discovered Snorlax!“One of the AR figures in Pokémon Go.

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Lozano and Mitchel catch Pokémon (excerpt from court decision)

For the next twenty minutes, the crew debated how best to get to Snorlax and capture him before the other players in town discovered him. During that time, Mitchell reported other characters in the area, and the guards cheered them on.

Everything was recorded by the on-board microphone

At the same time, they did not realize at all that everything was recorded by the DICVS on-board system at all times (Digital In-CWith Vtherefore System), which we know from police chases and interventions published on YouTube and Facebook. It was he who eventually helped his superiors, who wondered why the crew had not responded to the operator’s report.

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Snorlax character from Pokémon Go

Lozano and Mitchel later received a statement, which they did not intend to accept, so they went to court. He finally decided against them on Friday. Lozano and Mitchel challenged their statements for a relatively bizarre reason. The LAPD had a record of private communication through the DICVS system violating their right to privacy. So much for the audacity of both avid Pokémon Go players.

Full text of the judgment of the Court of Appeal:

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