a project of around 100 new housing units on the site of the former Felon-Lange foundries

Nearly a hundred new housing units: this is the project for a brand new district which could be built a few stone throws from the center of Huy.

It should take place in a green setting on 17,000 square meters which were once the Felon-Lange foundries.

An information meeting for residents has just taken place. “The preliminary information meeting made it possible to present the intentions that we had in relation to this site, and its objective was to collect the observations and suggestions of local residents”, explains Sydney Vandenhende, development manager at Thomas and Piron, the project leader.

After an impact study, the first shovels could be given within two years, as the development manager specifies: “On the basis of these observations and suggestions, there will be an environmental impact study which will be carried out. The purpose of the impact study is to objectify things, to make concrete proposals. to reduce, or in any case compensate for the possible impacts that the project would have on its environment. If all goes well, if all materializes well, in the next two years, we hope to be able to launch the first shovels “.

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