A really good FSK 18 horror thriller that was almost not allowed to appear at all

The discussions surrounding The Hunt eventually outgrew the film. Recently you can political horror thriller stream for the first time with Amazon Prime in the flat rate. It’s worth it, because with all the controversy, one less thing has been forgotten just how entertaining this horror satire actually is.

And even if the controversy surrounding the film has assumed absurd proportions and almost prevented its publication: Of course, it wasn’t without reason. The Hunt deliberately plays with provocations. Learn more about it and why The Hunt is the perfect horror flicks for a weekend night is.

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The Hunt – Trailer (Deutsch) HD


In a nutshell, that’s what thriller The Hunt is all about

Twelve people who have never met before come to in a clearing. You receive Access to weapons, at the same time they are shot at. The (supposed) main characters die one after the other without even knowing what is going on here. Little by little the secret is revealed.

Who the main character is remains unclear to the audience for a long time, what makes The Hunt so appealing: Anyone can die at any time. The perfect starting point for that anyway paranoid Setting somewhere in an anonymous wilderness. The manhunt is spiced up by the political subtext.

Now on Amazon Prime: why the horror thriller was so controversial

The Hunt works consciously with stereotypes, the split between Democrats and Republicans in the US political landscape, which in the Trump Honor reached sensitive proportions. Discussions began well before publication. All that was known about the plot at the time was that two political groups were incited against each other or chasing each other.

After two terrorist attacks with firearms in the USA, the launch was also canceled and The Hunter was no longer publicly advertised to address the tense climate and the discussion of gun violence do not heat up any further. In the meantime the Publication even on the brink . It seemed quite realistic that the world would never see The Hunt. The mood was too excited, the context too politically charged. When the film was finally released in winter 2020, those responsible asserted that nothing had been changed about it.

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