A server at the Ixelles Cemetery accused of rape on Instagram

Since this morning, a publication relayed on Instagram has implicated two bars in the Ixelles Cemetery. This calls for a boycott of the two famous cafes in the Ixelles cemetery district. “Two girls got drugged and raped by a waiter on Thursday “, denounces the story. “After filing a complaint, the boss transferred the rapist to another cafe, while there are 17 complaints against him. Take care. Rapists, we see you.”

The management of one of the two establishments mentioned quickly reacted on its Instagram account. It was around 3:30 p.m. “The safety and well-being of our customers is our top priority. Our establishment is equipped with infrared cameras covering the entire place. All reprehensible acts or acts taking place within our establishment are therefore filmed and recorded, to guarantee your safety as well as that of our staff “.

According to the same management, the police confirmed that no complaint or investigation was underway. For its part, questioned by our colleagues from Sudinfo, the Brussels public prosecutor’s office confirms that a judicial investigation is underway, without extending further, since it would be a question of moral facts.

It is via the Instagram account ‘Feminismebxl’ that the testimonies of several victims claiming to have been drugged in the incriminated bars are disseminated. They no longer remember their evening. Some say they have been raped. They point to a server.

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