Very soon, the singer will have a second baby.  Photo: archive of Anna Kalashnikova

Very soon, the singer will have a second baby. Photo: archive of Anna Kalashnikova

Anna Kalashnikova has been meeting with banker Ivan Semyonov for the second year already. The couple planned a wedding this summer, but due to the pandemic, they have postponed the celebration until next year. The singer has already introduced her 6-year-old son Danya to Ivan. According to the artist, the child and the future stepfather became friends, Vanya devotes a lot of time to the baby, presents him with presents.

And now the couple is preparing to become parents. According to Anna, she and Ivan decided to use the services of a surrogate mother.

Photo: archive of Anna Kalashnikova

Photo: archive of Anna Kalashnikova

– I want three children. But due to the fact that several years ago I lost my child, I am afraid that a busy schedule and nervous work will not allow me to carry the baby normally, ” Anna Kalashnikova told – Therefore, we found a surrogate mother and went through the necessary procedures. Now we are waiting for the birth of the baby.

The procedure is expensive.

We paid more than a million rubles only to a surrogate mother. Plus, almost the same amount is received by the clinic that found this woman. Yes, and we also have to compensate the costs of living and food for the surrogate mother. We really want children and have already chosen a name for the future baby.


“This is the norm for our time”

“In our country, many people are still skeptical about the service of a surrogate mother,” says psychologist Sergei Lang. – But it’s 2021. Surrogacy is a chance for millions of desperate people to become parents. Even if there are those who reproach the child for his non-standard birth, parental love will become immunity for him from any gossips. A child in the Kalashnikova family will not suffer at all from the fact that he will be born by a surrogate mother, he is desirable, which means he will be surrounded by care and love.

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