a teenager violently assaulted following a romantic relationship

Ethan, 15, was severely beaten late Monday afternoon. The motive for the assault would be linked to a romantic relationship. According to the father of the victim, the family of the girl did not see her favorably and decided to carry out a punitive operation. This hypothesis will obviously have to be confirmed by the investigation which has already made it possible to question two adult individuals. The case was placed on trial for premeditated extortion, assault and battery.

The teenager suffered a real beating causing him numerous bruises on the body and especially on the face. Monday afternoon, the victim had an appointment with a friend near Namur station. It was at that time that he was arrested by several individuals, some of whom were of age. The latter forced him to follow them to the Citadel. In avenue Jean 1er, they beat him up. Despite the extreme violence of the assault, which reportedly lasted nearly an hour, Ethan should not suffer serious consequences. However, examinations are still underway at eye level. The teenager also had his mobile phone stolen, which prevented him from calling for help after the fact. He was finally taken care of by two ladies who were able to tell his dad.

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