The statement of the guincheros guild.  (Photo: Guincheros union).

The General Secretary of the Guincheros Guild, Roberto Coria, was attacked gunshots this morning in the town of Lanús south of the Conurbano. He received four shots and miraculously he’s out of harm’s way.

The attack took place minutes before 8:00 a.m. and was recorded by a security camera where it is seen that the hooded attacker arrived at the door of a house and fired at point-blank range. Coria who fell injured to the floor.

Received four shots

In a release The union expressed its rejection of the attack and gave details of how it was done. Coria was talking with his son at the door of his family home when a hooded man got out of a car, passed and shot. Then he got on a motorcycle that was waiting for him and escaped.

Coria received four bullet wounds, one in the groin that went through the hip and moved under his own power to the hospital closest. Your state is stable, they reported.

The statement of the guincheros guild. (Photo: Guincheros union).

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