a tribute this October 15 in schools

The tribute to Samuel Paty will be paid to schools in France on October 15, 2021 at the end of the afternoon. The opportunity to organize a time of meditation, exchanges and debates with the students. Jean-Michel Blanquer explains the process.

[Mise à jour du 14 octobre à 14h40]. October 16, 2020, Samuel Paty, a history and geography teacher, was murdered stabbed and beheaded shortly after graduating from college Conflans-Sainte-Honorine in the Yvelines. Ten days before, he had presented his students with two caricatures of Muhammad from the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo during a moral and civic education course on freedom of expression. A year after the tragedy, the Ministry of National Education announced, during a video conference held on October 6 with the rectors, thata day of tribute would be organized in all French schools, with one minute of silence and one hour of lessons devoted to discussion and debate.

Invited on BFMTV this October 14 in the program of Jean-Jacques Bourdin, Jean-Michel Blanquer specified that this tribute would take place this Friday, October 15 at the end of the afternoon, to let schools and schools organize themselves . “Schools and establishments will be able to organize a time of meditation in memory of Samuel Paty, and devote one hour to class on Friday, October 15 at a time of exchanges “, the day before the first anniversary of the death of Samuel Paty, Jean-Michel Blanquer, Minister of National Education, also announced in a note for the attention of academy rectors.

“The content will be left at the choice of the teams according to their respective situations and taking into account in particular the age of the pupils“, details the minister. From the CM1 class, may be mentioned in particular the construction of critical thinking, the teaching profession, the role of teachers, their legitimacy and their place in society. “(This sequence should allow) to promote awareness of what critical thinking is, the importance of the scientific approach, based on facts and their observation, the way in which the confrontation of facts, representations and ideas makes it possible to forge oneself an informed opinion on the most sensitive subjects“, explained the Minister of National Education in the note.

Also, in the event of disturbances in the classes during this tribute, the teachers will have to report the problems encountered, and sanctions will then be applied, warned the minister. This Saturday, October 16, a plaque in his homage will also be installed at the entrance to the Elysée Palace. Emmanuel Macron and Jean Castex will also receive the family and relatives of Samuel Paty.

To help teachers prepare for this exchange time, the Ministry of National Education has made available to them on the internet (Eduscol site) educational resources like Jean Jaurès’ letter to teachers dating from January 15, 1888 and documents on freedom of expression and the principles and values ​​of the Republic, but also documentation (poems, speeches, literature, texts of reflection and iconographic documents) helping to form the critical mind students and make people understand what freedom of expression is.

The next morning, October 16, the anniversary of the teacher’s death, a plaque will be inaugurated in the hall of honor of the Hôtel de Rochechouart within the Ministry of National Education in the presence of the family of Samuel Paty, various representatives of the ministry, of the Academy of Versailles, in particular the representatives of trade unions and associations of parents of pupils.

From 2 p.m., a ceremony will take place at the college where the teacher was working and will be punctuated by speeches by teachers and artistic interventions by students, such as reading from the poem by Paul Eluard about freedom. A statue in memory of the professor will also be unveiled. A walk will be organized in the city of Conflans-Saint-Honorine. At the end of the day, a tribute will be organized in front of the Sorbonne and the square Paul Painlevé, rue des Écoles, will be called “square Samuel Paty”. Local initiatives are also planned, from October 15, in all the rectorates of France. The Minister of National Education asked each academy to name a room in their rectorate in the name of Samuel Paty. The sites of each academy will list all of these initiatives.

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