Captain Kirk of Star Trek even went into space: the trip took ten minutes.  See the images

It was just before four in the afternoon that the capsule New Sheppard took off. On board followed the man who for years played Captain Kirk in the “Star Trek” series. William Shatner, 90 years old, became the oldest human being to go into space.

“How can I describe what I lived?”, asked the actor, who confessed that it was an experience that cannot be compared to anything he has already lived.

What most impressed the actor was the vulnerability of everything and the contrast between the blue of the sky and the black of space. “The covering of blue, this comforting blue sheet that surrounds us. We say look at the blue sky, but suddenly something rips the sheet, wakes us up and we are looking at a black, an ugly black. There is mother earth, the comfort and up there will it be death? I don’t know, that’s what death is like?”

William Shatner was talking to Jeff Bezos minutes after he exited the capsule. With difficulty in holding back tears, Captain Kirk thanked what he described as the most profound experience he’s ever had and said that he now wants to convey to the world the vulnerability of everything. He even says that everyone should be able to go into space to understand how delicate the earth is.

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