A Walloon doctor issued 2,000 false Covid Safe Ticket: "People came from all over Wallonia"

Christie Morreale indicated this Tuesday morning, at the microphone of LN24, that a major fraud in the Covid Safe Ticket had been detected by the AVIQ. A doctor thus entered 2,000 false vaccinations and therefore provided access to 2,000 false CSTs when leaving Wallonia. “Several elements showed that the person vaccinated a lot, encoded people at abnormal times and people who came from the four corners of Wallonia“, explained the Walloon Minister of Health.

Justice has been seized and the doctor in question can no longer encode a new vaccination, assured the minister. He is being prosecuted for forgery and forgery. “It is a breach of confidence in people who have been vaccinated and all the doctors who work out in vaccination centers. We had to react firmly, we will not let this kind of practice pass. We will take legal action every time. that it will be necessary because it is irresponsible behavior that endangers lives “, commented Christie Morreale.

As for the 2,000 people who have received a false Covid Safe Ticket, their certificate is deactivated and they will be invited to be vaccinated. They are also liable to prosecution.

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