This Wednesday, a woman identified as Carolina Vizcarra, was arrested by the authorities after abandoning her 2-year-old daughter in a hospital in Miami, United States, with two strangers.

Vizcarra, 33, asked two people – including an off-duty guard. if they could take care of her baby while she went to the bathroom. In addition, he left the minor’s social service card.

When they realized that the woman did not return, they immediately alerted the Miami Police Department, where they released the photograph of the minor to find another relative to take over.

“She gives the child to this unknown man. Fortunately, he was a police officer and what crossed his mind was to put himself in police mode, “Miami Police spokeswoman Kaina Fallat told local media WPLG.

However, the Police were alerted that there was a woman who was looking for a minor in the hospital. When the uniformed officers arrived, they arrested her for neglecting children, according to the police report.

In this regard, Vizcarra stated that it was not an abandonment. “It’s a hospital and I was worried about her. I was thinking of sleeping on the street, but not with her, “said the woman.

For now, the Florida Department of Children and Families has taken custody of the minor while police locate another relative of the girl.

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