A woman dies while bungee jumping without a safety rope

Even though he had experience in the sport, Yevgenia Leontyeva died while practicing bungee jumping from the terrace of a hotel in Karaganda, Kazakhstan. The woman was 33 years old and had three children who lost their mother for one poor placement of safety equipment that he must contain his fall.

Leontyeva jumped from a height of more than 25 meters certain that she was going to experience a strong adrenaline, but not that it would be the last of his life. What happened is that the rope that was supposed to protect it from any impact in its fall was not properly secured and it did not prevent the blow against the ground. The woman fell, bounced and hit the wall of the building.


Fatal accident in Acceso Oeste: a couple and a 3-year-old girl died

According to the medium Ria, the victim suffered from “head trauma, intracerebral hematoma, cerebral edema and severe traumatic shock” from the heavy blows. Although she was treated immediately by health personnel, her death could not be prevented, since arrived in critical condition.

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