Daniela's family: her mom, dad and little brother.

Having a disease is a complicated situation in itself. Suffering from it without having sufficient financial resources to receive treatment for said disease is a much more complex process. A young Maipucina is living this reality: ssuffer from a debilitating condition and need help buying treatment.

It is a maipucina called Daniela Enriquez. Her he is 19 years old and suffers from myasthenia gravis, a disease that is caused by a disruption in communication between nerves and muscles.

Daniela’s family: her mom, dad and little brother. (Gentleness/)

a debilitating disease

Myasthenia gravis is a neuromuscular, autoimmune and chronic disease characterized by weakening the muscles of the body to the point of weaken muscles of the arms and legs,
produce double vision and difficulties in speaking and chewing.

Daniela has suffered from this disease for a long time and makes it difficult for her to lead the life of a normal young woman. She is 19 years old and tries to enjoy her surroundings as much as possible. She loves to sing and loves spending time with her family, including her parents and little brother.

She really enjoys singing, something she couldn't do without being medicated.

She really enjoys singing, something she couldn’t do without being medicated. (Gentleness/)

But for her illness not to be an obstacle and for her to be able to move freely, she needs some expensive medication. She requires two remedies: one costs $4,292 and another, the one she urgently needs, costs $6,194.

The first takes 3 pills every 4 hours while the second needs two pills per day.

Her family is going through a difficult economic situation, her father had an accident a couple of months ago and they lost their main money income as a result of this. “It’s been six months since they paid him his salary, so the social work where to discount, so they discharged me from the social work”, commented Daniela to Via Mendoza.

Daniela with her brother and dad.

Daniela with her brother and dad. (Gentleness/)

Daniela’s mother is also in a similar circumstance, He suffers from depression and requires his medication. Faced with all this sad reality, they ask the community for help. They don’t really have how to afford the medicines and Daniela needs her medicine, otherwise she can’t even chew.

To help Daniela and her family you can call 2613007867 or directly donate al CBU 0000003100054765013850.

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