A woman was fishing in San Martín de los Andes when she was surprised by the River team (@vivoencharlone).

A woman who was fishing in a river in San Martín de los Andes will not forget her 2022 vacation. It is that while he was trying to make his bait take effect and he was delighted with the landscape of the place, he began to hear a barrage of shouts and laughter until he saw two gomones appear in which nothing more and nothing less than River players that do the preseason in the Patagonian city.

Her left everything registered On her Twitter account, where she took the opportunity to upload each of the photos and videos that she was able to take of that extraordinary moment that she lived with her husband and her two children, who lived that experience as incredulous as she: “What are the chances of being calm fishing and passing the River?”wrote the user @vivoencharlone, a message that was accompanied by a video of the moment.

The woman also showed her sense of humor because in the following message that she accompanied with a photo of the campus Millionaire in the middle of rafting, he wrote: “I caught chickens”.

A woman was fishing in San Martín de los Andes when she was surprised by the River team (@vivoencharlone).

Of course, the surprised protagonist of the scene also wanted to experience the joy that the River players showed as well as the coaching staff headed by Marcelo Gallardo, and was encouraged to experience: “I did the rafting that those from River did today. It is the most beautiful (the beauty of the place is shocking), fun and least dangerous in the world. The only thing that can happen to you is to die of laughter, “he wrote later.

His posts received dozens of likes and comments in front of the surprise of what he lived. One of the many comments acknowledges: “You have the best videos in the world.”

I live in Charlone, he came across River’s stock while fishing in San Martín de los Andes (II)

Uruguayan De la Cruz joins River’s preseason

The Uruguayan midfielder Nicolás de la Cruz gave negative in the tests that were carried out in Montevideo and will join this noon to the preseason that the team carries out in San Martín de Los Andes until January 18.

In this way, only the goalkeeper Franco Petroli is isolated, who tested positive for coronavirus on the weekend back to work and only next week will he be able to train alongside the group, already at the Ezeiza campus.

Likewise, De la Cruz will work differently the first days after the evaluations made by the medical team, since he has been inactive since last October 17 when he played with San Lorenzo and suffered a venous thrombosis in his left foot that took him away from the fields and demanding training sessions.

The Uruguayan will move with special tasks with Matías Suárez and Felipe Peña, those who are recovering from knee surgeries and for a time will not be available for DT Marcelo Gallardo.

River Plate player Nicolás De La Cruz against Atlético Mineiro (EFE / EPA / JUAN MABROMATA / POOL).
River Plate player Nicolás De La Cruz against Atlético Mineiro (EFE / EPA / JUAN MABROMATA / POOL).
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In another order, the defender Leandro González Pirez He assured last night on the River Monumental program that he returned to the club to be happy with the shirt of which he is a fan.

“When Marcelo (Gallardo) called me, I didn’t doubt it, I always wanted to go back and feel the happiness of wearing this shirt because other times touched me and I could not enjoy it, now I am going to do it because from here you never have to leave, “said the defender from the lower ranks.

He also counted: “When he sent me the message, I was at the baptism of one of my daughters and I couldn’t attend, Desperation seized me and I asked him for half an hour, I was driving and I wanted to get to a place to talk quietly, I wanted to pass the cars over the traffic that was there, luckily he waited for me ”.

Pirez also recalled that he left River because Gallardo was not going to take it into account at the time: “The turns of life, at that moment Marcelo was not going to take me into account and I had to leave the club. I didn’t want to, but I accepted and I was young to understand some things, in the end I think it was good for me and it helped me, that’s why I’m back ”.

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