A year after their marriage, Candice and Marijn from 'Blind G...

Marijn Lenaerts (36) and Candice Martens (32) from the VTM program Blindly married have taken a serious decision. Because after months of doubting where they want to spend their lives together, they announced on Instagram that they are moving in together. Where that will eventually be, the couple will keep a secret for a while.

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Better late than never, is the motto. The couple may have thought that when they shared the news with the world on Thursday. Because it has been a year since Candice and Marijn tied the knot, but only now have they decided to live together. “We have fantastic news!! The moment has come! WE ARE LIVING TOGETHER”, Candice writes on Instagram with a photo where the couple can be seen between the moving boxes. The couple does not want to say anything about the place where they are moving to.

But they will no doubt have thought about it intensely, because that was one of the reasons why it took them so long to tie the knot. Until now, Candice lived in Beveren, Marijn in Binkom. In between are almost 100 kilometers, not easy to choose a new place of residence without one person having to leave something behind.

A point of contention was that, in his own words, living together was never. “We put that aside. Candice often visits me on weekends. Because I have a mixed bag of animals and work in the garden and meadow. And during the week I drive up to her. Then we visit her friends or family. We don’t put any pressure on ourselves about that and we’ll see how everything fits together,” Marijn said in May.

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