AA Gent lets a deserved victory against KV Kortrijk slip out of your hands in the end

Almost a team of sick people or ‘Africa Cuppers’, but especially a lack of sharpness in the front cost AA Gent two expensive points. KV Kortrijk, also moaning among the absentees, took a point in the Ghelamco Arena in the end: 2-2. Signed Dylan Mbayo, ex-AA Gent.

Not Mboyo, but his near-namesake Mbayo got his gram in the Ghelamco Arena on Friday evening. Until the 90th minute, Mboyo seemed to crown himself as the match winner. Punishment because shortly after his transfer it was told that he was only attracted because there were doubts about the fitness of Depoitre. When these turned out to be unnecessary, it was already cataloged as redundant. The fuss that his transfer had caused among the fans because of his previous passage was therefore unnecessary. In times of corona and Africa Cup and after a good winter internship, he still had to work. In addition to Tissoudali, Marreh and Ngadeu, Hein Vanhaezebrouck also missed Odjidja, Depoitre, Chakvetadze, Lemajic. In the back it turned out that Okumu and Godeau were sick. So AA Gent returned to something that had already been tried in the preparation: Elisha Owusu in the defence, flanked by Nurio and Hanche-Olsen. Castro-Montes thus joined the team on the left, Malede and Mboyo remained in the front. There were only six players on the bench.

That anemia immediately seemed to break down Ghent sourly. After a corner for the home team, Mbayo got the ball halfway through his own half, after which he went straight for goal. Samoise did not dare to intervene, Owusu got out too late: 0-1. Signed Dylan Mbayo, sent away by AA Gent last summer. The fact that Mbayo started in the front right was an indication that Kortrijk also has its share of the malaise due to covid and Africa Cup. Torp in the midfield, only five substitutes and the first starting spot for the Algerian Messaoudi indicated how thin the wash was, especially up front.

Photo: BELGA

Ilic in the wrong

It even seemed as if corona was still slumbering in the legs at Veekaa. There wasn’t much energy in it. Certainly for the new right back Watanabe it was not a pleasant introduction to the Belgian competition. Ilic kept Hjulsager from a quick equalizer after a good one-two with Mboyo. On the corner that followed, Hjulsager forgot to head. The Buffalos gathered their chances. Mboyo next, Kums over, a good free kick for De Sart. With halftime in sight, the Ghent resistance dropped, but the equalizer did fall. It was not the first time Ilic made a mistake on a corner, Castro-Montes hit the net for 1-1.

To make matters worse for Kortrijk, Vandendriessche was injured. Shortly after the break, Mboyo’s moment came. Samoise saw him ask for the ball and swung the ball into the box: 2-1. Remarkable that Mboyo scores, even more striking that AA Gent scored a goal with the head. Vanhaezebrouck knows that he has too little air force. Lemajic was the only one to score a meager goal with the head in the competition. Until yesterday. Because Hjulsager, Kums and Samoise did not make the redeeming 3-1, KV Kortrijk remained in the game. As sour as expensive misses. Bolat kept the breakthrough Kadri off the equalizer with a handsome foot reflex. Until the quick-witted Mbayo slipped through again in extra time and the 2-2 went over Bolat. Not bad for the still only 20-year-old attacker, never so efficient in his time AA Gent.

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