In her recent poll, the pollster Query Mitofsky kept to Luis Abinader in the number two position of the presidents of America with the best approval. In the world ranking made by the Mexican firm, the Dominican president continues to hold the fourth position.

In America, Abinader is only surpassed Nayib B Watch, President of El Salvador, the ranking places him as the president of the highest approval Worldwide.

To reach this conclusion, the pollster makes a compilation of surveys published in the electronic media of various countries. To know the percentage of approval of Abinader, Mitofsky resorted to the survey of Data Consulting.

Mitofsky groups the leaders of El Salvador, the Dominican Republic and Mexico in the outstanding region, obtaining more than 60% of the approval of its people.

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Ranking of the top 5 most accepted presidents in the world (Source: Mitofsky)

When evaluating 20 American presidents, Bukele from El Salvador ranks first with 81% of approval, followed by Abinader with 65% and in third place the President from Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador with 64%.

An appraisal “high” is awarded to the ruler who has between 60% and 50% of approval, that title was only obtained by Luis Alberto Lacalle Pou, President from Uruguay, who appears in the surveys of his country with a 50% valuation.

In qualification “media” For obtaining values ​​between 49% and 40%, four presidents are placed, the President Joe Biden in the United States with 43%, followed by Juan Orlando Hernández from Honduras in his last appearance in this ranking, since as of January 27, Xiomara Castro takes office. Guillermo Lasso from Ecuador closes this category, who falls from the outstanding category.

In the category “baja” (between 39% and 20%) there are eleven leaders from America: Justin Trudeau from Canada (38%); Pedro Castillo from Peru (36%) and Luis Alberto Arce from Bolivia (31%). They are followed by Daniel Ortega from Nicaragua who renews his mandate after the imprisonment of dozens of opponents, and with a similar 29% Sebastián Piñera is supported in Chile, after the electoral victory of Gabriel Boric, that will take protest on March 22 next.

In 12th place are Laurentino Cortizo from Panama (27%); Alberto Fernández in Argentina and Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela, approved by 25% respectively.

This category is closed by Iván Duque (22%) from Colombia, Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil (22%) and Alejandro Giammattei from Guatemala (21%).

Two of the 20 leaders considered in the ranking of the presidents of America, have a approval less than 20%, “very low”, These are: Mario Abdo Benítez in Paraguay, approved only by 18% and Carlos Alvarado from Costa Rica approved by 13%.

Ranking leaders in Europe, Asia and Australia

Moving to the eastern hemisphere, the president of India, Narendra Modi, is the best valued, obtaining 72%, followed by Vladimir Putin, President from Russia with 65%, Mario Draghi, from Italy 60%.

At world ranking, Luis Abinader by going to fourth place, it is surpassed by the leaders of India and Russia. Bukele, from El Salvador, is still at the top as the President best rated in the world.

Abinader drops two points, Mario Draghi nine and Putin increases one

Despite staying in the same position as the previous ranking, Luis Abinader dropped two points.

In the previous survey the President Dominican had 67% of approvalHowever, in the cutoff of December 2021, public opinion granted it 65%, according to the compilation of the consultancy.

In the world ranking, both the Dominican and the Russian Vladimir Putin seem to be tied with 65%, however, in detail, Putin increased one point, compared to the previous study (64%).

On the other hand, the President of Italy, Mario Draghi, dropped nine points from approval. In the previous line he was above Putin in the ranking of the countries of Europe, Asia and Australia with 69%, in the cut of this month the Italian only obtained 60% of the valuation of public opinion, five points less than Putin.

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