Abinader gives the first prick to the Hato Mayor-El Puerto highway
Abinader gives the first prick to the Hato Mayor-El Puerto highway

HATO MAYOR.- President Luis Abinader delivered title deeds to hundreds of people and gave the first punch to start work on the Hato Mayor-El Puerto highway and announced new projects in that province.

The head of state, who arrived at 11:30 in the morning, will exhaust an extensive agenda, which will also cover El Valle and Sábana de la Mar.

Abinader said that it is the first titling act, but he assured that this year he will break all records and that in his government there are more than 20 thousand titles.

They received their titles from the head of state, Marleny de la Rosa, Elvira Rosario, Florentino de Sosa, Braulio Lorenzo, Eddy Manuel Medina Marte, Tiesa Ruiz and Yolanda Nalasco de la Cruz.

Abinader began his agenda at 10:30 in the morning in the community of Guayabo Dulce on the Antomanchy cattle farm, where he handed over property titles and later moved to the first pierce for the construction of the Hato Mayor-El Puerto highway, an act which took place in front of the municipal slaughterhouse of Hato Mayor del Rey.

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The head of state kicked off the Hato Mayor-El Puerto highway, after a fiery speech by Senator Cristóba Castillo, who requested the construction of the eight-kilometer highway to Mara Palacio. The landowner Manuel Morel gave thanks for the road initiative.

When giving the first bite of the road, the head of state instructed the construction of Mata Palacio to Morquecho, indicating that he has a place to look for the funds.

He said that in Hato Mayor they are doing many works that were needed for decades. He added that the construction of the Sabana de la Mar highway be completed in 2022.

He insisted that he does not like to talk about the past, but that very little had been done in Hato Mayor.

Abinader said that they are also working on paving the streets and the Sabana de la Mar dock. He pointed out that the Hato Mayor, El Misa and El Seibo hospitals will be completed.

Deligne Ascención, Minister of Public Works, said that since 1984 Hato Mayor exhibited a total abandonment, but when Luis Abinader arrived, things have been changing.

He said that with the Hato Mayor-El Puerto highway it is part of a regional circuit, until connecting the East region with the North for an amount of 1,143 million, with an extension of 24 kilometers. The communities, El Mamón, Libonao, Los Yayales, La Horqueta, La Sierra, La Lima, Yábano and others will benefit.

He announced the investment of 80 million for sidewalks and curbs.

Later, the head of state inaugurated the readjustment of the Maguá River, either that he promised when he took office or that it was devastated by the rains of storm Isaías.

The President, after having lunch at Senator Cristóbal Castillo’s house, went to the municipality of Sabana de la Mar where the agenda will end with the first punch that will start the work for the new sewage systems of the municipalities of Sabana de la Mar and El Valley.

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