Abinader guarantees support to the Tourism Cluster for the development of the southern region

President Luis Abinader met this Sunday with the representatives of the Tourism Clusters of the South region to whom he guaranteed the support of the government to continue the efforts that seek to develop tourism.

“You cannot imagine the pleasure, complacency and hope that this meeting gives me, because no society develops if there are no associations like this one, if there is no social cohesion,” said the president.

He congratulated the representatives of the different Clusters that participated in the meeting and stated that the Government has found the partners with whom it has to participate and develop.

“If together we make the guide, the development plan where we are going and with its schedule, its time and its critical path, we will only advance,” he said.

The lunch-meeting was coordinated by the Barahona Province Tourism and Productive Cluster and was held at the Barahona Catholic University of Technology (UCATEBA).

The executive director of the Tourism Cluster, Elena Nunziatini, presented the Barahona Tourism and Production Fair to the president and highlighted the benefits that its realization has brought.

He said that they hope to be able to resume the event in its fifth edition, in April of next year, which has been postponed due to the incidence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this regard, President Abinader guaranteed the government’s support for the tourism fair, through the Ministry of Tourism.

In addition, they spoke with President Abinader about the first stage of the Southwest Tourist Corridor, which consists of the development of land use plans for municipalities with a tourist vocation.

“Both the land use planning plans and the fair are regional projects, so here are the colleagues from Azua, Baní and also represented, the colleagues from San José de Ocoa, because we promote a new tourism product, the Southwest Tourist Corridor that begins in Baní and ends in Pedernales, “said Nunziatini.

They also asked President Abinader to take over the Canoa hot springs project, which he defined as a detonator project for treatment health tourism.

Regarding these requests, the head of state requested to coordinate the development plan, and expressed that it seems to him excellent that Barahona has formed this Tourist, Productive Cluster.

He considered that this is a development association and said that he believes that it is very convenient and intelligent that the Clusters of the region have joined their actions.

“I want you to be clear that the development of the South is closely linked to the development of tourism and the development of Pedernales,” he said.

“This destination of Barahona and the entire region has to be sustainable, environmentally friendly, with a great content of culinary wealth,” he added.

He argued that this area has more possibilities for visits and tourism in complementary areas than any other area and that in Azua there may be a very interesting surprise in historical terms.

He said they have to focus on bringing differentiation from what is not there elsewhere.

The president said that the reason why he personally visits the different parts of the country is because through these he can learn about specific projects

He gave as an example of this, the project of the thermal guides in Canoa, which was presented to him at this meeting and he immediately instructed them to evaluate its feasibility and affirmed that it could be a revolutionary project in terms of tourism.

Regarding drinking water and sewerage solutions, he said that it is the great challenge of these societies and that in that sense, more resources have been given to INAPA than that institution had ever received in order to guarantee the improvements that the population deserves.

He stressed that in the next two weeks the water will improve substantially in Barahona, where work will be done on the placement of new networks with an investment of more than 400 million pesos.

He said he hoped that before the end of the year, the Clusters would send through the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development and the supervision and adaptation of ideas from the Ministry of Tourism.

“I am willing with you, with all the Clusters when we have all the ideas and budgets, sign an agreement-commitment of what the Government would do and what you would do to consolidate tourism development in each of its provinces,” he said

The rector of UCATEBA, Reverend Father Marco Antonio Pérez, blessed the event.

The governor of Barahona, Dionis Maribel González, welcomed the event and highlighted the desire of President Abinader to make this province achieve its development.

The president was accompanied by the Minister of Strategic Projects and Special Programs of the Presidency (Propeep), Neney Cabrera; the Minister without Portfolio, Geanilda Vásquez and the director of the Economic Canteens, Edgar Féliz.

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