Abinader leaves a housing project started and opens a school for more than RD $ 160 million in Barahona6
Abinader leaves a housing project started and opens a school for more than RD $ 160 million in Barahona6

It has RD $ 90 million for sidewalks and containers

Barahona. As part of the tour in the province, President Abinader led the first pitch for an ECO-HOUSING project in the Pueblo Nuevo Arriba neighborhood with an investment of 60 million pesos.

There, he told the beneficiaries that this project constitutes a new lifestyle, one of sustainability with nature, that promotes caring for the environment and that it will be at the level of smart cities in countries such as the United States, Canada and Europe.

The President also announced a substantial improvement in the water supply,
the paving of streets in the neighborhoods and the provision of 90 million pesos for sidewalks and containers.

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Through the General Directorate of Strategic and Special Projects of the Presidency (PROPEEP), the 40 eco-homes will be built taking advantage of recycled solid waste, reducing dependence on aggregates.

It is a project of social inclusion and human dignity that will give shelter to people in extreme poverty and that allows an efficient solution to the housing deficit.

“Another feature that this solution offers is that construction is fast. These 40 homes will be ready for you, Mr. President, to come and hand them over to each of their owners, next March 2022, ”reported PROPEEP director Neney Cabrera.

The eco-homes will have a drinking water system, sanitary and rain drainage, vehicular circulation, solar panels, green area and classified garbage area.

Transforming my Country

Immediately afterwards, a pilot plan was started where some 300 houses will be intervened in the first stage, through the Transforming my Country voucher.

The president visited the home of the first beneficiary, Félix Batista, with whom he talked about how the Government will improve his home.

“So you (Félix Batista), go to a local hardware store, whatever you want, look for the materials and then we also help you to be able to work with the workforce, together with people from the locality and also from the city council,” he said the ruler when delivering the bond.

And he added: “What we want is for you to improve your little house and for your children and grandchildren to be safe here. Count on us and God bless you!”

Upon receiving the benefit, Don Félix expressed feeling rejoiced because he had never been favored and today, thanks to the initiative of the Government, he receives the expected help.

For his part, the general coordinator of the Social Policy cabinet, Tony Peña, said that the initiative will revolutionize the social investments of the government of President Abinader, because nothing impacts more on the direct beneficiary of the Dominican Family than having their own and dignified home.

“It is good to point out that through the governorships and mayors,
will hire local labor for the completion of the house. We are facing a clean and transparent method, which has an impact on the revitalization of the economy and local employment to fix thousands of homes at the same time throughout the country, “said Peña.

Home Pinta tu Barrio program – Barahona

Later, the president also started the Pinta tu Barrio program in this province, which will improve the façade of some 1,500 homes in all its municipalities.

On this occasion, the President hit the home of Mrs. Ana Suero, who lives with her mother and her two daughters, with whom she spoke for several minutes and shared a cup of coffee.

“It is a project that we have designed especially for Christmas because we want to help them make their house beautiful for when their family and people come,” said Abinader.

This program began last week in the 27 de Febrero neighborhood of the capital city, and will impact 100,000 homes throughout the country.

Inauguration of basic school

To end a two-day agenda, the President inaugurated the Santo Domingo Savio Parish Educational Center (La Playa), in the town of Palmarito, for an amount greater than 102 million pesos.

The infrastructure has capacity for more than 800 students, with 23 classrooms, libraries, administrative offices, teachers’ room, management, multipurpose room, children’s games, double court, green area, civic square, parking lots, among other facilities.

The Minister of Education, Roberto Fulcar, reported that this center will teach English as a second language from January, implement programs to promote reading and develop critical thinking in December and implement the mass practice of eight sports (basketball , volleyball, soccer, chess, table tennis, and a combat sport) to improve student discipline.

At the event, the Minister of Public Works, Deligne Ascensión, announced the extension of the paving of streets, and the construction of sidewalks and reservoirs for this community.

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