About being jerk, the like generation, joke rods and big whales

Six acts in one evening – and again in front of an audience for the first time since April 2020: That was the 10th cabaret summit Monday in the Wiener Stadthalle. The punch line power ping-pong comes in a double pack on December 10th and January 14th (8:15 pm, ORF 1) on television.

It is about the topics “City, Country, River” and “Off to the New Times”. The Upper Bavarian Martina Schwarzmann, who stylizes herself as an eloquent country pomeranian, knows “old women” who are now younger than herself. She blasphemed unsuspecting townspeople who were on the lookout for the “purple cow” and the “whole grain cereal” at the potato field, and ensured a cheerful mood right from the start – happy to finally play live again, as her children had already lamented in lockdown : “Mom, we are not your joke conductor.” While she promptly avenges herself with a song: “It’s so cool to be an adult”.

Klaus Eckel knows about endangered animal species: “The pubic louse is the new panda bear.” And is familiar with research: “The problem with beaming is the large amount of data in the brain. This logic makes it easier to beam a fool. And if someone says to me: You are a solid idiot, that means a gain in mobility for me. ”He also has conspiracy theorists and other contemporaries resistant to reason on the shovel:“ Do you know why the sea level is rising? Because the whales are getting bigger and bigger. “

He is amazed at the rating madness of the Like generation: “The prison in Stein has four and a half stars. And one customer wrote: I’d love to do it again. “

Or the strange behavior of uninhibited bargain hunters: “I get a 20 percent discount on things that 80 percent don’t need.”

Eckel’s dry conclusion: “I can be mad too. There is no monopoly. ”For example, with“ precautionary eating ”:“ I’m hungry that could come. My stomach is a thermomix. ”And regrets that“ I don’t have an orgasm while eating ”.

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