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And on the fifth day, the strike stopped. We started March with an impressive number: in 62 days of the year, the railway sector already had strikes called in 24 days.

And inflation took everything away… it took away the social peace that had even been a prerogative of the last few years in CP and is taking users away from the train. And not a word from the Government. Where is the new Minister of Infrastructure? And what will Fernando Medina have to say, with the finance portfolio?

The requirement seems simple to explain: workers do not want to lose purchasing power with the galloping inflation that we all feel. But what can a State do that has been promising to resolve the issue of CP’s historic debt for years without resolving anything? And despite the love for the railroad preached in each speech, it seems that the tar has gained strength again. Now they even call a bus on a dedicated track a metro.

In this Sobre Carris we are talking to António Domingues, president of the Train Drivers Union (SMAQ), Luís Bravo, president of the Railway Union of the Itinerant Commercial Revision (SFRCI) and José Manuel Oliveira, head of the Federation of Transport and Communications Unions (Fectrans) .

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