About My Father Trailer: Robert De Niro in Family Clash Comedy

Whether it’s “Beautiful Boy”, “Extremely loud and incredibly close”, “We need to talk about Kevin”, even “Goofy – The Movie” or “Dirty Grandpa”: father-son relationships in films offer the chance to Exploring the limits of what can be expected, delving deep into the psyche of different generations and discussing timeless topics such as co-dependency, generational conflicts, competitive thinking and the pursuit of independence and recognition in a wide variety of ways and thus perhaps even creating more understanding between junior and senior.

Speaking of “Dirty Grandpa”: Here there was acting heavyweight Robert DeNiro the young at heart and freaky grandpa, something like the father substitute for the snooty young man Zac Efron. And also soon to be released movie “About My Father” stars De Niro as a father who doesn’t fit into everyone’s constructed norm…

Here it is Trailers:

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