Abuse scandal: US gymnasts raise serious allegations against FBI

In the abuse scandal surrounding former US gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar, who has now been convicted, Olympic champions Simone Biles, Alexandra Raisman and McKayla Maroney raised serious allegations against the FBI and others before the Senate. At a hearing in the Judiciary Committee of the Congress Chamber on Wednesday, the gymnasts described their experiences in a haunting manner.

They complained that the US federal police and those responsible for the responsible sports associations had not followed up their reports of abuse for a long time and were so partly to blame that Nassar was able to abuse many other girls.

Maroney said how she told the FBI in painful detail over the phone in the summer of 2015 what Nassar had done to her. The FBI officer downplayed their experiences and said, “Is that all?” The Federal Police initially did not report their statement for a long time and only documented it after 17 months, but presented their descriptions “completely wrong”. “You chose to lie about what I said and protect a serial abuser instead of protecting not just me but countless others.” By inaction, the FBI allowed Nassar to move around freely for more than a year and to continue his abuse. The FBI officers involved had committed a crime, she complained.

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