Accident in Culiacán: Man dies after skidding motorcycle

Sinaloa.- An accident in Culiacan left a person dead after he spilled for his motorcycle.

The events took place on a dirt road that runs parallel to the Humaya canal between the communities of La Palmita and The Print.

The fatality was identified as Juan Manuel 33 years old, who rode a motorcycle brand Italy yellow and black color.

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Accident in Culiacán: They waited for the authorities for 5 hours

According to the local media The debate, the accident occurred around 6 in the morning and neighbors alerted the 911 Emergency System.

Relatives of Juan Manuel arrived at the place before the authorities and they identified the body.

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However, Juan’s family waited with the body five hours after the report to the authorities.

Elements of the police and experts from Semefo came to the area after 11:00 in the morning and they cordoned off the area, apparently the delay was due to a lack of patrols.

Accident in Culiacán: Family waited with the body: Juan skidded his motorcycle and died, 5 hours later Semefo arrived. (Photo: El Debate / Marco Millán).

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