According to a report, Latinos and Hispanics continue to be one of the most marginalized sectors of Hollywood cinema

It is important to note: Hispanics and Latinos spend $ 1.7 billion as consumers. They represent 25 percent of movie tickets sold.

“Whether in leading roles or all the characters they speak, the absence of Hispanic and Latino actors and characters is remarkable. This community represents almost 20% of the population of the United States and almost half of the residents of Los Angeles and yet it remains almost invisible on screen, ”Case said in a statement.

The report reveals that 7 percent of Hispanic / Latino actors play leading roles, just a slight increase from 3.5 percent over the 13-year period.

However, more than half of the main or co-stars were girls and women in the 1,300 films examined, including 6 of the 7 actors. Yet they still account for just 1.9 percent of all 1,300 movies.

There is also an age-related barrier, with only one percent of the study group featuring a Hispanic / Latino in a leading or co-directed role age 45 and older, including none in 2019. Only three of these roles were filled for a woman aged 45 or over, two were Jennifer Lopez, the other was Cameron Diaz actresses with Latin roots.

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Only 5.9% of the characters speaking or named were Latino / Hispanic, with no year-to-year change in prevalence. Overall, only 5% of the 51,158 characters identified in the entire 1,300 film sample were Hispanic / Latino.

A total of 567 films out of 1,300 were missing Hispanics / Latinos, which means that 43.6% of the most popular films of the last 13 years did not include a single Hispanic / Latino character.

The findings were even more disappointing for the LGBTQ community and characters with disabilities, who are almost completely absent in the movies. In 2019, 98 out of 100 movies completely omitted LGBTQ characters and 95 lacked characters with disabilities. Only one movie featured a Hispanic / Latino character who was gay and had a disability.

Latinos and Hispanics behind the scenes

There was not a big difference in directors representing the Latino / Hispanic community (4.5% in 2019) from previous years, but only 3 Hispanic / Latino women served as directors for 13 years.

There were 35 Hispanic / Latino directors over 13 years: a total of 34.3% were born in the United States, while 65.7% were international. Only two directors were Afro-Latino: Melina Matsoukas and Steven Caple Jr.

On the production side, only 3% were Hispanic / Latino and the majority were male. Only 21.9% of producers were women, and overall they represented less than 1% of all producers in the top 1,300 films.

Hispanic / Latino casting directors only represent 3.3% of these roles during these 13 years.

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