According to Beijing, the Omicron threat is "under control" for the Olympics

While concerns are high as the start of the Winter Olympics approaches, China says health security is assured. The organizers above all provide for a particularly strict protocol: closed circuit competitions, absence of the foreign public, and uncertainty about the presence of the Chinese public.

The organizing committee for the Beijing Winter Olympics does not plan to further expand prevention measures for the Covid-19 epidemic. In contrast, “A certain margin of adjustment” will be used in the event of an intensification of the epidemic. This was emphasized by the committee during a press conference, reported by the Hong Kong newspaper. South China Morning Post.

Any coronavirus clusters can be contained by the “bubble” device that will be put in place during the Games, and the protocol will only be changed in the event of a large-scale epidemic. China’s “zero Covid” approach is currently being tested by sporadic outbreaks, including the first local infections of the Omicron variant in the port city of Tianjin, in the north of the country, not far from Beijing.

“The general situation remains under control”said Huang Chun, pandemic prevention officer on the committee. There are no plans to wrap up Beijing or the province




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