according to Muriel Targnion, there are 123 houses declared uninhabitable in the Verviers entity

This Thursday, January 13, RTBF, on all its platforms, invites you to take stock of the consequences of the floods that occurred last July. The JT team offered you a special “Prime Thursday” in Ensival. Muriel Targnion, the mayor of Verviers (ex-PS) – entity on which Ensival depends – was on our stage.

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In Verviers, 250 houses were declared uninhabitable in the days following the tragedy. At present, there are about half of them.

“There are 123 left in the town of Verviers” explains the burgomaster. A long time therefore to restore his homes. This can be explained by a delay that it is necessary to take in order to define the work still to be done in terms of stability. “They are not all to be demolished, explains the number one of the woolen city. In Verviers, there are 14 to be demolished. 8 have already been demolished. For these houses, it will therefore be a reconstruction. For houses that are unstable, threatening and in which one cannot live, there it is with the insurance companies that the engineers in stability and the architects must negotiate “.

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On the sinews of war, for municipal finances, how is it going?

The task is enormous. According to the mayor, schools, roads, the banks of squares but also 60 municipal buildings were damaged. 90% of the works are subsidized by the Walloon region. Out of 40 million, 4 million will therefore be payable by the entity. The effort is immense for the region, concedes Muriel Targnion. A mayor who pushes a little rant. Verviers is one of the 10 most affected municipalities, but only three municipalities have seen the works subsidized by the Region at 100%. “It is a measure which has not been understood neither by the municipal authorities, nor by the citizens” she says.

Verviers authorities who are also still facing requests for help from affected residents. In relation to insurance, in particular. A question of estimate and assumption of costs which remains very thorny, as we can see it in this report.

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