Acelen announces increase in gasoline prices in Bahia

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Acelen, responsible for the Mataripe Refinery, announced an increase in gasoline prices this Friday (10th) in Bahia. Fuel will suffer an increase of 6.4% in sales to service stations and 1.2% for diesel.

According to Sindicombustíveis Bahia, the refinery per liter of gasoline will rise by R$ 0.20 for distributors. Because of this, the price of fuel can go up for drivers.

This is not the first increase in gasoline prices in 2023. Since March 1st, a liter of gasoline has increased by R$0.47, due to the return of federal taxes on gasoline and ethanol.

In addition to the reinstatement of federal taxes and the increase in the private refinery, there is also an increase of R$ 0.06 in the Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS) in Bahia.

According to the president of Sindicombustíveis Bahia, there is the possibility of a new boom in the price of gasoline, which in 2022 reached R$9 in some states.

In a note, Acelen informed that the prices of products produced by the Mataripe Refinery follow market criteria that take into account variables such as the cost of oil, which is purchased at international prices.

Also according to the company, there is a transparent pricing policy, supported by technical criteria, in line with international market practices.

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