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Monitors capable of displaying a 3D image without the use of glasses have been trying in vain to enter the market for many years. They first appeared at a time when 3D-enabled TVs were already withdrawing from the menus and had never been able to fight more. The picture was not exactly amazing and you had to watch the position in front of the display.

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The notebook with its white design fits into the ConceptD series

Acer ConceptD 7 SpatialLabs Edition but it promises to be much better. First of all, its 15.6 “display offers basically 4K resolution. When switching to 3D, the understandable decrease in resolution does not have to hurt so much. just plain without the ability to shut down.

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ConceptD 7 SpatialLabs Edition revealed mainly by a double camera above the display

Thanks to the lenticular layer, the left eye can see pixels other than the right one and perceive a 3D image. But so that you don’t have to work hard to find the ideal position in front of the laptop, there are two cameras above the display that focus your eyes and adjust the image on the screen so that it is 3D, regardless of where you look at the laptop.

This is how Acer introduces technology:

But a laptop will definitely not be cheap. The price starts at 3,600 Euro (approx. 92,000) and in a better configuration it will exceed 100,000. After all, Acer is more professional than players.

With the supplied software, you will view 3D models in common 3D formats, or you will see your model in space directly while working in Blender. You also get a module for Unreal Engine.

It does not end with the third dimension

But it is not the only feature of the laptop. It has an integrated module for Ultraleap Hand Tracking, that is, monitoring the hand gestures you make without touching the laptop keyboard. This technology was introduced by Leap Motion years ago, but it didn’t take much. By integrating directly into the body of the notebook and in combination with the 3D display, the installation will be easy and with the help of gestures you can easily rotate the 3D model displayed “in space”.

If you would like to buy ConceptD 7 SpatialLabs Edition for a more intense gaming experience or for playing 3D movies, I’d rather slow you down. But this notebook is sure to find a place for professionals who appreciate a concentrated, easily portable solution for designing and presenting 3D objects. When designing real estate or visualizing cars, this notebook can provide an immersive experience. Of course, we want to test the notebook with our own eyes to test its limits, but after many years, there is a device that is not afraid to offer anything more than just performance and unconventional design.

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