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Is it possible to build a project on a cliff? Yes, as long as the urban proposal is stamped as a Project of Potential National Interest (PIN). Then, the urban planning and legal advisory offices take care of the rest. On Benagil and Marinha beach (Lagoa), 300 meters from the coastline, the tourist development that belonged to Luís Filipe Vieira (now part of Novo Banco) did not pass the scrutiny of the Environmental Impact Assessment Committee in 2018. The lead, however, had no effect. The prosecutors appealed to the court, which later ruled in favor of a “tacit approval”. The deadline that CCDR/Algarve had to contest the sentence of the first judicial instance was exceeded by two or three days. At this moment, PÚBLICO confirmed, a certificate of the sentence has been issued and the process is being carried out at the level of the chamber. The objective is to build a hotel, apart-hotel and a tourist village, with a total of 1279 beds.

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