Activists reveal home address of JK Rowling: “So many…

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After activists shared JK Rowling’s home address on Twitter on Friday, the British author said on Monday that she will not be silenced. “I’ve now received so many death threats that I can wallpaper the house, and I haven’t stopped speaking out,” Rowling wrote on Twitter on Monday.


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Three trans activists distributed photos Friday of them standing in front of Rowling’s home holding up signs including “trans rights are human rights”. According to the writer, they positioned themselves in such a way that her address was visible. The Twitter accounts of Richard Energy, Georgia Frost and Holly Stars have since been deleted.

“Perhaps – and I’ll throw it out – the best way to prove that your movement poses no threat to women is to stop stalking, attacking and threatening us,” Rowling tweeted. Less privileged women are also under fire, according to Rowling, for not accepting that the “sociopolitical concept of gender” should replace the concept of sex, she wrote.

Under fire

Rowling came under fire in late 2019 when she criticized an article on social media that included the description “people who menstruate.” She joked that there was a word for that after all, referring to women. She was blamed for this, because people who do not identify as women, such as trans men, can also menstruate.

Due to the many angry reactions, Rowling wrote a blog post in which she stated that she is against the “erasing” of biological sexing, which in turn led to criticism. However, she denies being transphobic. Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, the stars of the Harry Potter franchise, have already spoken out against Rowling.

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