Igor Cosso unburdened himself after appearing kissing his boyfriend (Photo: Felipe Pilotto/Reproduction/Instagram)
Igor Cosso unburdened himself after appearing kissing his boyfriend (Photo: Felipe Pilotto/Reproduction/Instagram)

actor of Globe, Igor Cosso lost followers after posting a photo kissing the boyfriend Heron Leal. Outwardly gay, he lamented that people still have that kind of attitude.

Igor made an outburst on his Instagram profile and revealed that he had lost five thousand followers after posting the photo. The number, which was 560,000, dropped to 555.

“‘Being gay can be, but posting a kiss photo is awesome. Igor posted a photo of a kiss with her boyfriend, I’ll stop following’. Goodbye! And who stays: you are in my heart”, he said.

The actor asked people to see a kiss between gay couples with normality. Normalize kissing and affection for all types of couples. Contributing to this, for me, is worth much more than anything”, he vented.

In recent days, however, Igor Cosso managed to come back on top. After the repercussion of the case, he reached the mark of 570 thousand followers on the social network.

Igor Cosso and the crying crisis at Globo

At the beginning of the year, Igor said that he had a crying fit while recording the soap opera Salve-se Quem Puder, on Globo, after publicly admitting his homosexuality. At the time, he also lost Instagram followers.

it revolted me. And unlike other times when I swallowed the indignation, this time I got up the courage and just posted my photo with my boyfriend, saying it was a clearer picture about love”, he declared in an interview with Mensch magazine.

“That took on a proportion I would never have imagined. It became the cover of many portals and my whole family started calling because people came to talk to them. In 24 hours, I had already gained more than 100,000 followers and words of affection that I will never forget. Even from my grandmother, who until then didn’t know about me. I had a crying fit. It was fear and relief. I took a weight off my back. Today I feel much freer to be who I am”, vented the actor.

Igor Cosso commented in another interview about the importance of gay artists coming out. He also said that he does not believe that people today can lose work for this reason.

“We are at the beginning of a movement and I honestly don’t know whether or not there will be major traumas for me. I think time will tell. I want to tell stories of all kinds of characters, without barriers”, said.

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