Tom Crusie on the red carpet and at a baseball game
Tom Cruise’s ‘new look’ went viral on social media sparking cosmetic surgery or weight gain debate. Pic credit:©

Top Gun actor Tom Cruise looked unrecognizable, sporting a puffier than usual face. The 58-year-old was attending Game 2 between the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants on the weekend.

His appearance drew comparisons to the late Norm Macdonald, sparking conspiracy theories.

Footage of Tom Cruise waving at fans at the baseball game with his son Connor Cruise by his side went viral on social media.

Viewers were undecided whether the actor had gained weight or recently undergone cosmetic surgery.

Furthermore, Tom Cruise’s appearance drew comparisons to comedian Norm Macdonald.

“Does Tom Cruise look like Norm Macdonald?” Dan Lebetard tweeted along with a photo of Top Gun star at the baseball game.

As previously reported, Saturday Night Live star Norm Macdonald died at age 61 last month.

Tom Cruise new look sparks Norm MacDonald conspiracy theories

Tom Cruise’s puffy face led to social media to compare the actor’s appearance to late comedian Norm Macdonald.

However, it didn’t stop at the comparisons between the pair as some fans shared conspiracy theories about Cruise’s full look.

Twitter users claimed Norm had possessed the Jack Reacher actor’s body.

“Norm Macdonald’s ghost has taken over Tom Cruise. Only god knows what this entails,” one wrote.

Some social media observers shared the conspiracy that Tom is preparing to play Norm Macdonald in an upcoming biopic.

A Twitter user wrote that Norm Macdonald, who has joked about Cruise on SNL, played one last prank on the actor:

“Norm Macdonald’s final joke is that he’s taken over Tom Cruise’s face shape.”

Tom Cruise ‘fat’ appearance may be surgery related

The Mission Impossible actor’s appearance has sparked debate as to whether Tom Cruise has just gained weight and is aging naturally or if he had cosmetic work done.

Dr. Nyla Raja told DailyMail that the actor’s appearance is a reaction to anti-aging fillers.

“It would appear Tom has overindulged in anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers which has actually had an adverse effect on his appearance, Raya told the publication, adding:

“Without careful consideration to each individual patients’ facial structures’ results of fillers can make faces appear distorted and unnatural.”

Other cosmetic experts suggested that Cruise’s latest look is due to aging and weight gain rather than cosmetic surgery.

Another medical expert told the publication that Tom’s look might be a combination of fillers and weight gain.

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