Acuña: "In 2022, classes will be compulsory on Saturdays for high school boys who have to take subjects"

Soledad Acuña, Buenos Aires Minister of Education, referred this Wednesday to the schedule of the Lesson Cycle 2022 in the Federal Capital and spoke about some of the new measures, such as the obligatory nature of classes on Saturdays for high school students who have pending subjects.

“Now that we have resolved the urgency, which was that schools were open, we can dedicate ourselves to talking about structural reforms to improve educational quality, and that we really prepare children for the challenges of an increasingly changing job market” said Acuña in dialogue with María Laura Santillán in “CNN’s morning” on CNN Radio.

Thus, he announced that in 2022 “they will be compulsory classes on Saturdays for secondary school boys who have to take subjects ”, given that“ there were great learning problems ”, while he stressed that“ the pandemic brought to light a huge inequality when it comes to learning ”and that this inequality“ is fought with more opportunities to learn”.

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New measures for the 2022 School Cycle

Likewise, the Buenos Aires official pointed out: “First we add days of class, so we have a 192 day calendar for next year, that is, 12 more classes than those established by the National Education Law ”. To achieve this measure, the Minister of Education anticipated that from February 7 the mandatory training for “28 thousand teachers of state and private management “, and on February 21 the school year of” garden, primary and secondary of public and private schools “will begin.

“We add compulsory class hours for boys in sixth and seventh grade with extended hours,” explained the official from Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, so that in total the boys will have almost 10 more hours of class per week.


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“The norm in the Province seemed ambiguous to us”

Finally, with respect to the flexibilizations of the Axel Kicillof government so that the students get to pass the grade or of the year, Acuña questioned: “We know the norm that was published yesterday in the Province of Buenos Aires and it seemed ambiguous to us. We believe that this is not the time to change the rules of the game ”.

“We had 4 out of 10 high school students who had not been able to prove knowledge in more than three subjects, which put them in a condition for repeating. Repetition and grade grades are now not removed. Last year was not repeated, they all passed. That is why we have summoned these students to Saturday classes from April ”, he argued.

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