XPG is preparing DDR5 RAM with a frequency of up to 7.4 GHz

Although the new generation of DDR5 RAMs will start more or less where DDR4 ended – at 4.8 GHz, at this frequency the memories are hampered by a higher response. This time, too, the hunt for the highest possible frequencies begins, where DDR5 should already outperform the older generation.

Adata is now boasted by overclocking the XPG memory to a record frequency of 8.1 GHz. However, this was not a common overclocking that any user could do with the new XMP 3.0 profiles. The record was set by specialists from XOCL (XPG Overclocking Lab).

The good news, however, is that overclocking took place using DDR5-4800 memory, which in the highest XMP 3.0 profile operates at a frequency of 6.8 GHz at a timing of 46-46-46-109 at a voltage of 1.35 V (standard 1.1 V) . Adata does not state how much voltage was needed at the frequency of 8.1 GHz, but according to the published image from the CPU-Z program, it was necessary to increase the timing to 50-50-50-160.

According to the latest reports, XPG plans to launch DDR5 memories with a frequency of 4.8 GHz to 7.4 GHz, namely modules with a capacity of 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB.

Micron DDR5 presentation:

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