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It is impossible not to sympathize with the memories of these women who attend the University of Autodidact and the Third Age in Porto, for their stories of going to the cinemas (almost all of which are now gone) in the Invicta city, for the frisson to go to the headquarters of the Cine-Clube do Porto to see and discuss films that were not well regarded by the regime. But those memories, told to Eva Ângelo’s camera in this feature-length documentary that hits theaters this week, are just a part of what happens in Household, assembled from images shot over eight years. And the memories of Sundays spent skipping film club sessions at classic matinees are perhaps not what interests the director most, fascinated by the life experiences of these women from all social classes who, in many cases, did not have the life they would like to have. have had but just the life they let them have.

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