Admission Process 2022
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Find out the date of the results of the applications of the admission process 2022.

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This week Demre published the results of the University Transition Test, to know your score you can enter HERE with your portal username and password.

After the publication of the results, the application process to higher education began, corresponding to admission 2022. From Tuesday to Friday the 14th at 1:00 p.m. you have a deadline to apply.

Before making your application, we recommend that you be clear about the degree and the house of studies where you want to apply. Along with this, inform you if they are part of the gratuity and what kind of Enrollment has, if semester or annual. Additionally, you can find out which are the best paid careers in our country after the first year of graduation.

We also remind you that not all institutions are required to have the PTU taken.

Below we mention when the results of the applications corresponding to the 2022 admission process will be given.

What day do the results of the university applications give?

Instructions for the enrollment process will be published on January 20, while On January 24, educational institutions will publish the results of the selection process.

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