MIAMI, United States.- Days after the testimonies of five women sexually assaulted by Cuban troubadour Fernando Bécquer became known, Cuban musician Adrián Berazaín spoke out publicly about what happened and assured that he believes in them, since he has “personal reasons for doing so ”.

The also troubadour, one of those mentioned in the report by The sneezeAs part of Bécquer’s close circle, he said that “no person has the right to attack the physical or moral integrity of another”, and that he is “on the side of those people who feel unsafe due to harassment. I believe in them ”, however, he detached himself from the controversy and assured:“ I am completely sure that I am not an accomplice or participant in any act of sexual assault or manipulation ”.

“Last night I had a very serious conversation with Fernando Bécquer, I think the last one, from my current maturity and not that of the boy I was more than a decade ago. What he is accused of or stereotypes is his responsibility to assume and respond ”, Berazaín wrote in his account on the social network of Facebook.

However, he explained, “it seems to me that it is unfair to condemn me for a phrase that was transformed from the time I supposedly said it until it was written into an article that can already be interpreted from different positions. I quote: Bécquer himself told me that Berazaín told him: Asere, not with her, she is good ”.


How much could that phrase have changed? Was it really what I said? I don’t know, I don’t remember, that was a long time ago. What is certain is that this is how another person decided to put this phrase in my mouth, the phrase with which others decide to hate me when reading it. Social networks are not the final scale of prosecuting someone, although I recognize their power to make sensitive issues like this visible. #YoSiLesCreo #YoSiTeCreo ”, declared Berazaín.

The accusations of sexual assault against Fernando Bécquer have uncovered a series of complaints on social networks against the troubadour, from women who claim to have lived similar experiences. And although the official media have not ruled on the matter and it is not known what the legal procedure to be followed, if any, Cuban women have decided to tell their stories in what is already known as the Cuban MeToo.

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