Tonight national fiction returns to the screen of The thirteen with the premiere of The 1-5 / 18, the strip with which Polka He hopes to hit the ground running. No wonder: with this novel, the producer of Adrian Suar returns to the ring after the suspension of Separated, when the pandemic started.

But above all, the strip means work for many actors and workers in the medium. And like every turn after a while in stand by, sometimes you have to make some adjustments first. That was what happened to Leticia Brédice, that in its passage through the “table” that hostess Juana VialeHe recounted the sincere comment he received from the boss.

“Something very significant has happened to me in what I’m doing. When I started recording the novel, seven months ago, I was very happy, but some of what I was doing seemed strange to me, “she started. Leticia, very humble when talking about some details that made him noise about his character.

Brédice He said that, nevertheless, he continued with his own. “Until one day, Adrián Suar came and said ‘Leti, can I talk to you?'”he added, ensuring that “I thanked God” what happened to him. What did you say To sweat? Without filters, he threw: “What you are doing is horrible.”

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“I told him that I knew what he was talking about, something he was doing with his head, with his body and with his voice.”, explained the actress, to which Avenue He pointed out how lucky he had been that someone dared to mark it for him, so that he could realize what was happening.

“He told me a very interesting thing: ‘Leti, notice that looking into your eyes is much more beautiful than what you are doing. Because you do that? Get more with you ‘”, he remembered that he told him Crooked, who was his partner in the movie The day they love me and has all the confidence with her.

“I thought about how an actress wants to get rid of one”added Brédice, grateful for the bombshell comment she received that allowed her to re-address her role. “It is very interesting not to get on the horse, because you fall … So, you have to learn all the time, in any situation in life”, Hill.

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