Adriana Birolli comes up with striped thong piece
Adriana Birolli appeared in click on the beach (Photo: Reproduction)

Adriana Birolli is far from the unpublished soap operas in Globe, but it always kills the fans’ nostalgia on social networks, with pictures beyond charming and daring. Some time ago, the muse who lived the daughter of the protagonist of Fina Estampa, came up with a striped piece, and flaunted all the good shape.

In the record, the beauty appeared with wet hair, showing her dry belly with the piece of thong that gave what to speak among fans of the warm post.

“Woman in heaven, you look like an angel,” said a young man. “I go crazy with such a beautiful picture of this one”, joked the second person. “Guys, I’m shocked by her beauty,” confessed the last one.

would change everything

In 2011, Adriana Birolli won the character Patrícia in the plot Fina Estampa, written by Aguinaldo Silva. The telenovela, which was shown for the second time in recent months, left Internet users more critical with the performance of the beauty who is outside Globo. In conversation with the Who, she confessed that she realizes that at the time, she was very weak as an actress.

“It would change, of course! If I re-recorded it now and watched it again, I would see other things that could improve. Our profession is not math, every time a scene is made it will be different. Fina Estampa was my second soap opera, today, I have 9 more years of experience, some maturity achieved, all of this reflects on our performance”, he said.

Soon after, she praised everyone involved with the project and said it was an incredible experience. “It was amazing! I treasure this memory! I hurt my nose on the last test! There was a giant Velcro roll and I ran, I ended up scratching my nose [risos]. The public loved Patricia in 2011 and continues to do so in 2020! I love watching! Being able to review with the distance of time, remembering backstage, how much fun it was to do the work!”, he said.


In April of this year, Aguinaldo Silva was detonated on social networks, when criticize the unpublished chapters of Amor de Mãe. According to him, Manuela Dias, author of the novel, she wrote scenes too heavy to be shown in times of pandemic.

“To Cora [Marjorie Estiano/Drica Moraes], who is a sinister character, says such terrible things that it’s funny. The tone of the narrative, however intense, always has an outlet for humor. Writing a heavy, tense soap opera with very wicked people gets in the way of people who are already at home”, he said.

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