Affair of "ghost collaborators" at the Milquet cabinet: a judgment expected on December 15

The Brussels indictments chamber heard, on Wednesday morning, the pleadings in the so-called “phantom collaborators” case at the office of former minister Joëlle Milquet. The judge announced a judgment for December 15. A case for “illegal taking of interest” has been open against Joëlle Milquet since 2014 and she has been indicted since 2015. She resigned in the wake. The former president of the cdH is suspected of having hired collaborators in her cabinet, in 2014, when she was Minister of the Interior and Deputy Prime Minister, to assign them to tasks related to her electoral campaign. In 2015, she was indicted and forced to resign from her new post as Minister of Education at the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

The case was first entrusted to a magistrate of the Brussels Court of Appeal, then to a second when the first was promoted to the Court of Cassation. The investigation was then slowed down, due to the temporary unavailability of this second investigating magistrate. Then the file was handed over to the Brussels public prosecutor’s office.

The defense then had the opportunity to request additional investigative duties. This request was refused by the investigating magistrate, but his decision was overturned by the indictments chamber, which thus authorized the execution of some of the investigative duties requested. Once these have been made, a new exchange of conclusions was established between the parties, before a debate before the indictments chamber which took place this Wednesday morning.

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