Thousands of people march against an order from the Taliban to vacate their houses built on state-owned land in Kandahar on September 14, 2021. (Javed TANVEER / AFP).

Thousands of Afghans protested today after receiving an ultimatum from the taliban to leave their homes in a humble neighborhood in the southern city of Kandahar, inhabited mainly by war widows and orphans, to be reoccupied by members of the Islamist formation.

“Do not force us to leave our homes, we are poor people, we do not have financial capacity or a house to go to. For a long time we haven’t even had food to eat, and now they force us out of our homes ”, Agha Gul, one of the organizers of the protest, told Efe.

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“It is the height of oppression”Gul noted, adding that so far the taliban have already expelled hundreds of families from Firqa, a poor neighborhood in Kandahar in which some 2,000 families live.

Most of the residents of this area have lost their jobs after the seizure of power by the taliban on August 15, since a large part of the government and private offices remain closed, and the open ones were left without being able to pay their employees due to the economic collapse that the country has experienced since then.

This is the case of Haroon Agho, a professor living in Firqa who receives a salary of 8,000 Afghans a month (about $ 100) with which he tries to support his family of ten and who now does not know where to go after the Taliban ordered to leave their home within three days.

Aquila, another attendee of the protest, explained to Efe: “They are knocking on our doors to get out. I am a widow and I have children to take care of, they force us out of our homes (…) and we have nowhere to go ”.

Thousands of people march against an order from the Taliban to vacate their houses built on state-owned land in Kandahar on September 14, 2021. (Javed TANVEER / AFP).

“We build these houses with our own money” and now “The Taliban tell us that we can no longer live here”lamented Abdul Hadi, another protester who was also threatened by the Taliban that they would shoot him in the head for having worked with the previous government as a cook.

The ultimatum for the expulsion of thousands of people from their homes comes as the international community struggles to provide assistance to some five million internally displaced people in Afghanistan, who left their places of origin due to war and drought, according to data from the deposed Afghan government.

“The people in Afghanistan faces a catastrophic situation: forced to abandon their homes, deprived of basic services and at risk of exploitation and abuse ”, The head of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), Isabelle Moussard Carlsen, wrote on Twitter on Monday.

The coming to power of the taliban It led to the immediate suspension of funds from the international community, which accounted for about 43% of the country’s annual GDP, according to World Bank data.

Almost a month later, the Afghanistan Conference, held yesterday in Geneva and organized by the UN, obtained the promise of more than one billion dollars from the international community for the country, surpassing the goal set at about 600 million dollars.

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