Afro blocks parade resistance on the last day of Carnival in Salvador

The traditional Afro blocks like Ilê Aiyê, Muzenza, Olodum and Filhos de Gandhy dragged a crowd of revelers in the Osmar circuit (Campo Grande) in the 2023 carnival this Tuesday (21). With drums, charms and afoxés, the blocks paraded showing the reason for being baptized as “black gold” of the state.

During the traditional departure from Ilê, last Saturday (18), the musician and founder of the block Antônio Carlos Vovô criticized the lack of sponsorship and support for the Afro block by businessmen who invest in Carnival in Salvador.

“Before being capitalist, businessmen are racist. They would rather lose money than pool their money with the black people.”he said.

Vovô cited Ilê as an example and highlighted that the block “is international”, but even so it is not sponsored in the same way as other blocks of the carnival in Salvador. According to the musician, it is difficult to keep the tradition standing.

“It is very beautiful to look at, but it is very complicated to do. today the carnival is called ‘carnanegócio’. A series of fees that you have to pay, hiring equipment, if you don’t have the resources, it’s difficult”. See photos from this afternoon’s and evening’s shows below:

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