After 3 years, Tays Reis returns to the stage in Bahia and performs for 30,000 people

After three years away from the stage, Tays Reis marked his return to the music scene with a series of concerts in Bahia during Carnival. The artist, who spent a season in the Northeast with her family, performed in Porto Seguro, bringing together more than 30,000 people to follow her performance.

Celebrating this important moment, Tays prepared a special repertoire for fans. The singer enlivened the audience by recalling her greatest Carnival hits such as “Metralhadora” and “A Minha Mãe Caminha”, in addition to bringing a performance of “Rabetão”, her most current success. The show was accompanied by her husband Biel, who took the opportunity to perform alongside his beloved.

“What a wonderful tour! I got home and only later did I realize how happy I am, people! 2023 is just beginning!”celebrated the singer on her social networks.

the single “Rabetão”, released last month, began a new musical era in the career of the Bahian singer who returned to the spotlight after participating in ‘A Fazenda 12’. The song arrived as a way of strengthening the artist with the arrocha genre, which has been present since the beginning of her trajectory.

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