After appearing in a ballad, Lary Bottino reveals if he is with Covid-19

Lary Booty became involved in one more controversy on the internet this Thursday (25). At the time, the woman would have tested positive for Covid-19, and for that reason, she could not participate in the Farm News, according to the columnist Gabriel Perline. However, the ex-peoa shared a video at the club alongside friends, and was detonated on social media.

In the stories she spoke up and denied having the disease. “Hi guys, I came to comment on the situation yesterday. First I came to apologize for exposing myself, for leaving home, for exposing other people with a ‘positive’ Covid-19 test in my hand. But listen before judging the situation please. However, I am having professional appointments practically every day. I have been taking Covid all the time. PCR practically every other day”, began the businesswoman.

Shortly thereafter, Gui Araujo’s former ally pointed out that, having been a victim of the disease twice, she thought it was a false positive. “I was tested negative this week. I’ve had Covid twice, I have the vaccines, so I knew it was impossible for me to be with Covid and that it was a false positive. I would never put anyone’s life at risk, even because I lost my grandmother to Covid, I went through that, I know what this pain is, I have priority to talk about it”, he argued.


After all the repercussion, Lary Bottino reported to fans that, performed a new test this Thursday morning (25), and tested negative. In addition, she asked for more empathy on social media, as she is being attacked without even explaining herself.

“I’m being massacred, tried, convicted, and I haven’t even had a chance to defend myself and clarify for you what happened. But once again I apologize for my attitude. So much did I know I wasn’t with Covid because I had recently been tested negative, and for all the history I have with Covid, all the care I take, that I took the exams in the morning as soon as I woke up and they both gave it. negative, both for PCR and for blood”, he said.

When finished, she he apologized to his followers for leaving the house and exposing himself. “I’m not with Covid, I wasn’t with Covid last night, it was a false positive as I already knew at that time and that’s why I decided to leave. But your sorry once again for my attitude. Finally, I ask forgiveness once again for this whole situation, it is also a lesson to me that vaccines or that all this is not enough care. But I do routine tests, so at that point I was sure it was a false positive I wasn’t with Covid and I decided to leave the house,” said the former MTV.

Rafael Carvalho

Graduated in Journalism from Faculdade das Américas (FAM), he has already presented an entertainment program related to the world of famous people and interviewed artists in the field.

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