After “Caos” and “Meio dia”, Palas adds “Bagaço” to his “Tons de Pele” advertisement | Music

Piece by piece, the musician and cultural activist from Braga, Filipe Palas, reveals the themes of what will be his new EP, skin tones, with a publication date announced for May 5. An album that is also a short film, released little by little, in video clips. After Chaospublished on the 27th of January, followed Midday, released on February 24. The third theme, which is also the third episode of this saga, premieres this Friday and is called Bagasse. It was recorded in Ponte de Lima, by Paulo Cunha Martins, and, according to its promoters, “reveals a depressed person, alone and who in his imagination finds friends and memories of a past where he was once happy”. Or, in the words of Adolfo Luxúria Canibal (lead singer of Mão Morta), who gave a written interpretation of this work created by Palas: “The bagasse, like breakfast, wants to be a palliative of isolation, to deceive the ghosts that inhabit the song and empty the self of the memories that roam the streets, in a Homeric death rattle in search of completeness.”

Palas’ new album, skin toneswith the participation of Sérgio Freitas (Sensible Soccers, Serge Fritz) and Luís Barros (Alek Rein, The Burnt Pines, Filipe Sambado, Les Saint Armand) and, in addition to Chaos, Midday It is Bagassehas two more topics to be released soon: Eight It is exhausted game. All of them related to each other and also related to the city of Braga.

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