After “Caos”, Palas arrives at “Meio Dia”, the second episode of his EP “Tons de Pele” | Music

The reason is already known: Filipe Palas, musician and cultural agitator from Braga, founder of Smix Smox Smux and Máquina del Amor, experienced the pandemic as a turning point. And from this experience came a more introspective project, which in its entirety will take the form of an EP with five tracks and a short film directed by Paulo Cunha Martins, with texts by Adolfo Luxúria Canibal, who made a written interpretation of the work entirely created by Palas.

Chaosthe first single (and videoclip) of this work, which Palas named skin toneswas published on the 27th of January. Midday, the second episode of the EP and short film, premieres this Friday and is also accompanied by a descriptive memoir by Adolfo Luxúria Canibal. On the whole, skin tones is, according to the promoters of this work, “a set of songs where the musician talks about depression, loss, loneliness”, ending up, however, “leaving us in a place of hope, where those we love most are”. Midday, the EP’s second theme, represents, according to the same source, “a man, reclusive of his own thoughts, tired of this life and afraid to venture out of his space”. Or, in other words: “Waking up, already tired, like the reflection of a dead person, is the gateway to the depressing environment with which the song surrounds us and which not even the chorus, with its solar loa, can oppose. .”

This new album by Palas, skin toneswith the participation of Sérgio Freitas (Sensible Soccers, Serge Fritz) and Luís Barros (Alek Rein, The Burnt Pines, Filipe Sambado, Les Saint Armand) and, in addition to Chaos It is Midday There are three more themes, to be released soon: Bagasse, Eight It is exhausted game. All of them related to each other and also related to the city of Braga.

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