After EMA approval: National vaccination committee also recommends child vaccination

According to the EMA, the large number of study participants and the cooperation between all areas made it possible to approve the vaccines within less than a year.

“In less than a year, 800 million doses of vaccines have been distributed in the EU and more than 1.1 billion doses have been exported,” said EMA director Cooke. And new study data would make it possible to extend the shelf life of the vaccines.

It is the largest vaccination campaign in history: “77 percent of the EU population over 18 have already been vaccinated twice, but there are major differences between countries. If we want to defeat the pandemic, we have to increase vaccination progress in all countries. And she emphasized : “New therapies will complement vaccinations, but not replace them.”

Just a matter of form

After the EMA gave the green light for child vaccination, the EU Commission still has to give its official approval – but this is purely a matter of form. In Europe, the vaccine from Pfizer and Biontech has so far only been approved for people aged twelve and over, and it can be assumed that the National Vaccination Board (NIG) will also issue a corresponding recommendation after EMA approval.

Marco Cavaleri, head of EMA’s vaccine strategy department, emphasized that the majority of children admitted to hospital with Covid disease are previously healthy children. And 70 percent of unvaccinated children who develop the inflammatory syndrome PIMS in the course of Covid disease would have to be treated in the intensive care unit. As far as the long-term consequences of an illness (Long Covid) are concerned, he has the impression that “we are currently only seeing the tip of the iceberg”.

According to the Ministry of Health, around 12,000 children in Austria have so far been vaccinated with at least the first dose.

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