The most controversial Marvel movie in recent years is definitely worth it

With Eternals you can now use the most controversial MCU blockbusters in recent years Stream with a Disney + subscription. Presumably also because of the divided reactions and the comparatively subdued Box Office result, Marvel is currently holding back with statements about the future of the new superhero team.

The galaxy-spanning Eternals universe offers the ideal opportunity to fill the villain gap in the MCU after defeating Thanos in Avengers: Endgame. Is meant the mighty Marvel villain Galactusthat one of the Eternals authors has already teased for a possible sequel.

Eternals author can imagine Thanos successor Galactus for Eternals 2

With the Celestials, which as overpowering, cosmic gods Existing in space, Eternals created the perfect intergalactic framework to bring a significant figure like Galactus into the MCU.

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Also in an interview with The Direct Eternals screenwriter Kaz Firpo raved about it next big Marvel villain as a possibility for a sequel:

Galactus is a fantastic, fantastic character and villain. You know, we’re already preparing the stage for intergalactic, cosmic confrontations, especially when you kill a space god – and then another space god comes along, kidnaps you and wants to punish the earth. I think, the door is very wide open to world devouring villains …

He is also very open to the idea Galactus in Eternals 2 to appear:

You know we don’t know yet which direction we’re going with number 2, but if the audience wants to see it, we like to dig into it.

Galactus is likely to stir up the MCU even more than Thanos

It was in the Marvel Comics that Galactus first appeared as the villain in the Fantastic Four universe. Originally called Galen of Taa, he was the last survivor of a dying universe. By absorbing a powerful voice, Galactus was practically reborn. When Devouring whole worlds with insatiable hunger he then travels through the galaxy.

Galactus in den Marvel Comics

After acquiring the 20th Century Fox studio, which holds the film rights to the Fantastic Four, the way is for Galactus as the powerful Thanos successor and the new MCU villain now free. Whether he will then appear in Eternals 2 is still open. Before that, Marvel must first decide how to continue with the polarizing MCU characters.

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